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Laser t-shirt - Draw your motive

Are you fed up of wearing of the same shirt almost always when you go out? It doesn´t have to be like that. Using a special laser-shirts, you can shine in the dark, and create new a new patterns and to change them every day. These high quality Glow shirts - Laser t-shirts, are available in black and white colour and imprinted with a special glow shining surface, that serves as a canvas for your suggestions. Just use ultraviolet "laser" and draw your design on the shirt and turn off the light.

Laser t-shirt - Draw your motive

Perfect for clubbers and disco maniacs. These brilliant shirts allow you to be a designer in the dark.



 laser t-shirt  design t-shirt


Please note:

In order to keep laser printing as long as possible, when washing, turn the t-shirt inside out and wash in cold water.


Product features:
Small keychain "laser" to create new designs
High quality T-shirt
Screen printing was made by using of the best available techniques



S   t-shirt size approx 18,5 "(W) x 28.5" (L) x 8 "(sleeve)

M   t-shirt size approx 20 "(W) x 29.5" (L) x 8,5 "(sleeve)
L    t-shirt size approx 21,5 "(W) x 30.5" (L) x 9 "(sleeve)
XL  t-shirt size approx 23 "(W) x 31.5" (L) x 9,5 "(sleeve)


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Laser t-shirt - Draw your motive
Size: M: 30,00 €
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