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Disco Tshirt

This sound activated T-shirt has an electro-luminescent (EL) panel on the front. The light panel is attached to the front of t-shirt using two pieces of Velco. The EL panel is very sensitive to music and any surrounding sound. The colorful lights will dance with music and show a visual rhythm. It is a perfect T-shirt for any evening parties and concerts. The EL panel can be detached from the shirt. It is connected to a battery box using a 1/4'' wide cable. The control box is placed inside of a small pocket of the T-shirt. T-shirt is made of 90% cotton.

Disco Tshirt - Best quality led shirts

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1. The sound sensitive EL panel will flash with surrounding sound and music.
2. On/off switch Sound sensitivity control
3. T-shirt is made from 90% cotton and washable after the EL panel being removed.
4. Battery pack fits into a small interior pocket inside of the shirt.
5. 2xAAA batteries required (not included).
6. Battery pack is removable, shirt must be hand washed.
7. Good for music and dance concert and sports fans.


LED color: Multi-colors shown as in the picture
T-shirt color: Black
Fabric: 90% Cotton


Put batteries into the controller box and connect the battery pack to the shirt. Hide the small battery pack in the hidden pocket. Switching it ON. The sensitivity control allows you to adjust the sensitivity depending on the volume of the music and surrounding sound.



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Disco Tshirt
Disco Tshirt
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