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Disco RGB gloves - silver

These exceptional illuminating gloves are suitable for either party, disco, festivals and other events.

Course can be donated as a special gift. Be cool and you obtain these LED gloves.

Each finger of the glove can shine in different colors RGB scale - red, blue, green. You can also control whether the glove blink faster or slower. still shine - you can choose up to 7 flashing modes. Gloves are a universal fit for all sizes (except for very large hands), are made of cotton and elastic material that you feel in them the most comfortable possible.
LED Lighting gloves not only for each party maniac on sale for a good price you can buy in our online shop. Product Specifications
  • RGB colors: Red, Blue, Green
  • 3 colors in each finger (red, blue, green)
  • 7 possible lighting settings: fast blink, slow blink, permanent lighting and other ..
  • Gloves are visible for a distance of 500 meters.
  • Power: Lithium battery CR 2032
  • No cable in the glove
  • One size fits all glove for all (except for very large hands)
  • Made of elastic material for maximum comfort

Note: Due to electronic components can not wash gloves. Not suitable for children under 10 years.

Price is for 1 pc of LED glove (right hand)



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Disco RGB gloves - silver
Disco RGB gloves - silver
Disco RGB gloves - silver
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