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Neon wire 2,3 mm + sound inverter El 9V

Party el. wires 2,3 mm (color of your choice) + Sound sensitive El Inverter 9V Set

When ordering you can choose any color combination of Glow El Wires.
(Just write to a note of order which color you require)

EL inverter 9V battery - Sound-sensitive LED controller for fibers. Just connect the controller to fiber, and it gets a lot of new features immediately. LED fiber will react (flash by any sound around. At the music it starts flashing to the beat, and it will light up by clapping etc. With the potentiometer you can control the sensitivity of the device to control the sound around you.

Set includes unique neon fibers which you can arbitrarily combine, to adjust to the size what you need whether on a party dress or other decorations - cars, bars. The standard fiber length is 3 meters.

Inverter features:

  • Powers up to 10 m of fiber
  • Sound sensitivity control
  • Brightness fibers control
  • Completely portable
  • It uses a 9V battery (not included)

Fiber features:

  • Flexible and water-resistant, can be bent into any shape
  • Up to 360 degrees of illumination
  • Lifetime: more than 12000 hours
  • Ideal for parties, decorations on clothes, car decorations, parties, bar decoration and other
  • Fiber diameter: 2,3 mm
  • Fiber length: 3 m
  • Working temperature: - 40 ° C to 80 ° C

Package contents:

  • Sound-sensitive inverter 9V
  • Neon wire 2,3 mm of your choice

!!! It is necessary to buy the power box - EL inverter to each neon wire !!!


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Neon wire 2,3 mm + sound inverter El 9V
Neon wire 2,3 mm + sound inverter El 9V
Neon wire 2,3 mm + sound inverter El 9V
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