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Custom led shirts package - 50 pcs

Custom led shirts - we can make custom light up shirts to help promote yourself or your business. Imagine your logo on these amazing shirts!  You will get unbelievable attention to anything you are promoting with these unique shirts.

  • Package include 50 pcs of Custom LED t-shirts

  • Including cost of animation of your logo

  • Delivery time is about 2 weeks


Create your own LED shirts - visit www.led-t-shirts.eu 


1. Step:  For the final price calculation you need to write us how many pieces of custom led shirts you want to produce. Also you need to specify exact sizes of t-shirts (S – XXXL) and delivery country for shipping costs calculation. Quantity discount depends on the number of pieces you want to produce. The minimum order is 50 pcs.

2. Step:  We need your logo for custom LED panel animation in high resolution (ideal in curves).

3. Step:  WE will prepare the gif animation of custom LED panel with your logo or graphics design, and send you by e-mail in a GIF file for your confirmation.

4. Step:  IF you will agree with animation of LED panel, we will send you data for payment. We accept paypal or bank transfer.

5. Step:  After we receive the payment, we will start with production process. It usually takes 14 - 21 days - it depends on total amount of ordered pieces of custom led shirts.

6. Step:  When we will finish the production of the custom LED t-shirts, we will send you a package with your order to the delivery adress by 1st class post service and send you the tracking number after. So you can track your package online.

If you are seriously interested send us your demands (how many pcs etc) about custom flashing t-shirts directly at info@get-a-led.com

custom led shirts custom led t-shirts

Get the original light-up disco experience. These custom led t-shirts combines an Electro Luminescence Graphic Equaliser display with fresh new designs. The graphic equaliser responds to the music around you, jumping in time to your beats. Whether you choose the old-school TQ Original or the laid back TQ Hemp Leaf; these shirts light up your night for the world to see.

custom led shirts

  • 100% cotton, t-shirt only in black colour
  • The t-shirt is hand wash only
  • Mini pack or control unit, is removable for washing.
  • Mini pack is equipped with a switch ON / OFF and sensitive scroll wheel - you can choose either high or low sensitivity to sound
  • Requires 4 regular AAA Batteries (not included)


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!!!Pls do not buy cheap led t-shirts - click for more info!!!


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WE are selling  quality custom led t-shirts with FINEST materials. Furthermore, we offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY. We have CE and ROHS certification of our products. Our company holds an internationally recognized quality management system certificate ISO 9001:2008  - Click for more info


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Custom led shirts package - 50 pcs
Custom led shirts package - 50 pcs
Custom led shirts package - 50 pcs
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