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Cheap Led T-shirts

WARNING - Do not Buy Cheap Led Shirts
There is a Difference!

1:  MOST EL Products purchased overseas are not only made differently, they are FAULTY.  It is well known that there are  a number of companies that use CHEAPER materials to manufacturer EL Products, and due to this problem, the units malfunction and produce a less vibrant light. 

These companies also do not specialize in Manufacturing EL Products. They also sell items like cameras, hats and purses and just sell these products to Fill the demand.   

2. Products ARE NOT made using strict guidelines and quality control methods .


WE ONLY USE THE FINEST materials when manufacturing our products.  Furthermore, we offer a 2 YEAR WARRANTY on ALL of our products.  STRICT guidelines and quality control measures are used in our production Methods.

There IS a Difference

DO NOT BE FOOLED Just to save a couple bucks.

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